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March 27th, 28th, 7:00PM

March 29th, 2:00PM

CCHS Auditorium

The musical GUYS AND DOLLS takes place among the small-time underworld characters of New York. Nathan Detroit runs a "floating crap game." But he doesn't have enough money to book the next location. And, his (very) long- term fianceé, showgirl Adelaide, is so distressed over his failure to marry her that she has developed a psychosomatic cold. Trying to get the money he needs, Nathan makes a bet with Sky Masterson. After Sky brags that he can get any "doll" to go out with him, Nathan challenges him to ask Sarah Brown, the local mission worker. Sky persuades Sarah to go to Havana for dinner, and, after he spikes her drink with liquor, they have a wonderful time and she starts to fall for him. When they get back, however, she finds that the crap game was held in the mission, and feels betrayed. In order to persuade her that his intentions are honorable, Sky rolls the dice in the crap game against the "souls" of the other players, and if he wins ...
Nell Minow


The Drama Club has been established to provide an opportunity for students interested in theater to participate in all aspects of play production. Students interested in performance, direction, design, technical support, backstage crafts, publicity, etc., are encouraged to join.

The club usually holds two productions during the school year. Auditions are open to all students. Members are expected to participate in at least one production a year (in any capacity) to be considered an active member.

Meeting Times:

Open meetings start in September and are held once weekly on a day chosen by the membership (usually Wednesday). Once a play has been cast, rehearsals are held after school. Students are given a rehearsal schedule, which runs 6 to 10 weeks. Actors rehearse 2 to 5 days per week during this time depending upon the demands of the play and the role given.




The entire school year. (January meetings are at the discretion of club advisor.)

Sign Up:

All students may join the club at any time during the year by coming to a meeting, auditioning for a play, or dropping by a rehearsal.


2013-2014 EVENTS:

Guys and Dolls


Save the Dates!

March 27th, 28th, 7:00PM

March 29th, 2:00PM

CCHS Auditorium



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