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Senior Project

Proposal, Product, Paper, Presentation

2014 Timeline

2016 will be posted as soon as it is available.

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  • Proposal & Topic Approval Forms Due: Thursday, Sept. 26th for a Quiz Grade in English and a Quiz Grade in CTE*
  • Thesis Statement Due: Thursday Oct. 3rd for a Quiz Grade in English
  • Three Sources List Due: Thursday, Nov. 7th for 3 Quiz Grades in English and a Quiz Grade in CTE*- Citations in MLA format with a paragraph on each about how you will use each source
  • Product Start: – Evidence that several steps towards the completion of the product have been completed by Tuesday, December 17th in CTE*
  • Outline or Organizer Due: Monday,  Jan. 6th  for a Test Grade in English and a Quiz Grade in CTE*
  • Paper- a Complete Draft Due: Monday, February 10th for a Test Grade in English and a Quiz Grade in CTE* - The English Teacher will forward the marked draft to the CTE Teacher
  • Paper- Final Version Due: Monday, March 3rd for a Test Grade in English and CTE* - English Teacher will communicate with the CTE Teacher
  • Presentations:-  throughout May for a Test Grade in English and a Quiz Grade in CTE*; CTE students will do the presentation twice
  • Product- Due: with the Presentation for a Test Grade in English and a Test Grade in CTE* - The CTE teacher will communicate with the English Teacher.

OTHER RULES:- Topic changes: every topic changed AFTER the topic approval form has been signed by your teacher/s will result in a 10 point penalty on the next TEST grade for the project. Improvements to a current topic may be allowed at the discretion of your teacher/s. Students working in pairs will work on and write about different aspects of the product; each will complete a unique senior paper and presentation times will be doubled. Due Date Policy: Late Papers or Drafts will suffer a substantial penalty or receive a zero– ask your teacher for details. Penalties for missed deadlines apply regardless of your teacher’s other classroom policies. What counts as a Product outside of CTE? It depends! Depending on the topic, substantial plans, programs,  documentation, a blog or work of art might count as a product.  Simple fundraisers will no longer count as products unless they are accompanied by community service documented through a journal, blog, or video documentary. Juniors will email a topic idea to their English Teacher & CTE Teacher by the end of term 2 and do a proposal form by the end of their junior year

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