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December 2015 Professional Development Feedback Survey Results

December 11, 2015 PD Grid:

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December 11, 2015 PD Feedback Surveys:

District-Based Sessions:

Mental Health First Aid with Melanie Varady

Assistive Technology, Accessible Instructional Materials and the Principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) with Laura Oparowski, SLP and Melissa DeJordy, OTR

SLD Determination Using the Discrepancy/Consistency Model: Integration of RTI and Cognitive Assessment with Hands-on Application

Site-Based Sessions:

Bellamy - "Beyond F.A.T. City"

Bellamy - First Aid / CPR Re-certification

Bellamy - "Strategies for Motivating the Low-Motivation Learner"

Dupont - Data Collection and Behavior Interventions for Students with ASD with Melissa Desautels

Dupont - Epson Board Training Using Basic and Advanced Features of the Epson 595wi

Dupont - Using Restorative Circles to Build Classroom Community

Dupont - Beyond the Binary: Working with Gender Expansive Youth

Dupont - Socratic Seminars in the Classroom

Dupont - SPED: Understanding the Various SPED Processes and Accommodations

Dupont - Teacher Websites: Use On-line Resources Available to Teachers

Dupont - Teaching and Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

Dupont - Keys to Close Reading - Supporting Close Reading in Non-ELA Classrooms

Chicopee Academy - Best Practices for All Learners at Chicopee Academy

CCHS / CTE - Bridging High Level Academic Content with High Quality Career and Technical Education  

CCHS - Developing Common Assessments and Curriculum

CHS - Math Across the Curriculum to Improve MCAS Scores for All Learners

CHS - "PLC Committee Work to Improve Instruction and Climate at CHS"

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