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THE FOLLOWING IS a list of organizations and companies that offer educators and parents resources on teaching children about responsible internet use and behavior, including cyberbullying. 

BrainPop (

The animated curriculum content provider has a special “spotlight” section devoted to digital citizenship, including a movie for kids on cyberbullying. 

Cable in the Classroom (

The public outreach arm of the cable industry, CIC offers its own digital safety and citizenship materials (PointSmart.ClickSafe) as well as links to many resources that address safe and responsible internet use issues, including cyberbullying. 

Common Sense Media (

An organization focused primarily on teaching parents how to teach their children about safe and responsible online behavior, it also has a host of resources for educators, including a digital literacy and citizenship curriculum for K-8 that addresses cyberbullying. 

ConnectSafely (

A forum focused on internet safety issues, run by Larry Magid of and Anne Collier of; it includes tips, guidance, and links to other resources on cyberbullying. 

CyberBullyHelp (

A site designed to help parents and educators prevent cyberbullying, it offers a range of educational resources on the topic.  The authors of the site also do workshops and presentations in schools. (

This provider of web-based curriculum for schools has resources for parents regarding online safety, including a video on what it calls “the number one risk children face online: cyberbullying.”

Media Awareness Network (

This is a Canadian nonprofit organization that aggregates digital media literacy resources, including a lesson library for teachers on a number of topics like cyberbullying.

A service of the federal government that provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators, and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying, including cyberbullying.

A Thin Line (

A campaign sponsored by MTV to empower young people to “identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse” in their lives.  The site provides a quiz that rates students’ digital safety savvy, as well as other resources, including videos of kids who have been victims of cyberbullying.

Web Wise Kids (

An organization dedicated to providing resources to help children safely navigate the world online. It offers a cyberbullying prevention and response kit for schools that includes a white paper explaining the problem and how it can be addressed.

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