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October is Stand Up To Bullying Month



Stand Up to Bullying

Stop Bullying: Every morning there are students who dread the approaching school day.


"Sometimes real greatness isn't always what you do with your life - but what you inspire others to do with theirs" .......


Derek J. Morrison

Chicopee Comprehensive High School


DESE released Drop-out and Graduation Rate Data

Good Day,

  I would like to share with you some outstanding news!!!  Please see the attached DESE released Drop-out and Graduation Rate Data for our School and District.  I am pleased to note that we have decreased our Drop-out rate to 2.5%.

This is the lowest percentage in school and district history, and validates the work that we are all doing to keep students engaged in school.  Equally impressive is that our Graduation rate is at an all-time high of 82.8%!!!

I consider this a major accomplishment and a very timely reminder that when we create data based and student focused initiatives the sky is the limit. 

  “A good team is not always defined by wins and losses, but by the way it responds to adversity”.  I am confident that we will continue to take CCHS to new and unprecedented heights through a concerted effort to improve the

learning process for our students.

Thank you,


Principal's Newsletter

     On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Chicopee Comprehensive High School.  From its dynamic teaching faculty, to our terrific support staff, and dedicated students, Chicopee Comprehensive High School is truly committed to educational success. Chicopee Comprehensive High School provides every student with a structured learning environment where they are highly encouraged to strive for academic excellence, to become organized and effective communicators, original thinkers, and productive citizens.

    Chicopee Comprehensive High School encourages students to achieve their goals by offering a high quality program of studies along with extra-curricular opportunities that will meet the needs and interests of all.  As your principal, I strongly encourage our students to “get involved” and take advantage of all that is offered here at CCHS, so that you can create a memorable, enjoyable, and most importantly meaningful high school experience.  It is my sincere belief that every student has the ability and the potential to accomplish great things!  I challenge each of you to begin developing, displaying and refining your character traits that will serve you well, and help lay the foundation for future success.

     Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Chicopee Comprehensive High School offers a robust program of studies with courses offered at the college prep, honors, and advanced placement levels.  CCHS is a true comprehensive high school, by blending a strong 21st Century academic curriculum with a highly competitive Career and Technical Education Program (CTE) including: Electricity, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Metal Fabrication and Joining Technology, Drafting, Machine Tool, Horticulture, Culinary Arts, and Information support services and networking.  Students also have the ability to take online courses through the virtual high school consortium. 

     At Chicopee Comprehensive High School, success is earned through a concerted effort and agreeing that failure is not an option.  By working together with our families and community, we believe that all students can learn at the highest level.



Derek J. Morrison


TEL: 413-594-3534, FAX: 413-594-3492


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