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Welcome to Chicopee High School Pride Week

29th Annual 

February 13 - 17, 2017

29th Annual Pride Week 2017 February 13 - 17th. Stay connected to your official CHS Pride Week Website for up-to-the-minute "news and views" of Pride Week events!

'Yesterday and Today'

"The one goal I set for myself concerning Pride Week 2017 was to revive an honored tradition at our new Chicopee High School, restoring a tarnished image to its original meaning and intent. I expected Pride Week to be a spontaneous celebration of good feeling about our city, our school, and ourselves.

I do not want this celebration to become stale and routine; I want it to grow and change each year as does the school it honors. New events and ideas were introduced with this thought in mind.

During my 25 years as Pride Week coordinator, one goal has always been realized: a sincere understanding and recognition of respect, self-respect, and class in our daily lives. I believe one of the strongest aspects of Pride Week 2016 was making all events available to all students. We are one school, and my belief is that we should celebrate as one school. I put much more time into the organization of this Pride Week than any preceding it, and I believe the extra effort resulted in new success. Pride Week is a big job which I could not even attempt without the immeasurable help I receive each year from colleagues and students alike. All the feedback I have received has confirmed my belief that Pride Week 2016 was an event that will long be remembered for all the right reasons. The games are over; the attitude never quits. Pride is the catalyst to the realization of all dreams"...

"Pride is the dignity and self-respect one attains, not from victory, but rather from making the honest, ultimate effort to achieve success. Pride is satisfaction in the joy of sharing. Pride is teamwork. CHS students exhibit pride in their ability to compete as a class while always maintaining unity as one school. CHS has always been more than an institute for learning; it is a home in which to grow."

Mr. Pelczar, 2017 Pride Week Coordinator

Mr Pelczar
"The Pride is always worth the effort"

Pacer Pride! 

Pride Week 2017 Theme Days

Monday 2/13..."Look Sharp" Dress-up Day
Tuesday 2/14...Colors for a Cause Day
Wednesday 2/15...Twins Day
Thursday 2/16...Decade Day
Friday 2/17...Show Your Class Pride Day

Traditional Pride Week Events:

Canned Food Drive 2017: 3786 total cans...THANKS, CHS
Morning Trivia all week!
On-Time Attendance Contest all week!
Dress-up Day "Call Downs" all week!
Cafeteria Conclusion all week!
Class Community Work Project
Mr. CHS Contest

Competition Results for Monday, February 13th:

Today is 'Look Sharp' Dress-up Day!
Canned food drive: double points for rice, pasta and noodles
Pickleball preliminary playoffs

Opening Ceremonies

Can't Find My Homework results:
1. Juniors 2. Sophomores 3. Seniors 4. Freshmen

Competition Results for Tuesday, February 14th:

Today is 'Colors for a Cause' Day!
Canned food drive: double points for mac and cheese - boxes only

Academic Trivia:
Sophomores def. Freshmen 31 - 29
Juniors def. Seniors 36 - 35

Pickleball Finals:
1. Seniors 2. Juniors 3. Sophomores 4. Freshmen

Spelling Bee:
1. Freshmen 2. Seniors 3. Juniors 4. Sophomores

Pride Week Poster Contest results:
1. Seniors 2. Juniors 3. Sophomores 4. Freshmen

Competition Results for Wednesday, February 15th:

Today is 'Twins' Day!
Canned food drive: double points for tuna - cans only

Oratorical/Lip-Sync Competitions:
Seniors and Sophomores win

Crazy Swim Finals:
1. Seniors 2. Juniors 3. Sophomores 4. Freshmen

Competition Results for Thursday, February 16th:

Today is 'Decade' Day!
Special Order periods: 7, 1, advisory, 3, 4, 5, 2, 6

Canned food drive: double points for canned veggies or fruit

Talent Competitions:
Seniors def. Juniors
Sophomores def. Freshmen

Mathematical Mania:
1. Juniors 2. Seniors 3. Freshmen 4. Sophomores

Ultimate Ball:
Juniors def. Seniors
Sophomores def. Freshmen

Ultimate Ball Cheerleaders:
Seniors def. Juniors
Sophomores def. Freshmen

Pride Week Mr. CHS Pageant 6:00 - 8:00pm

Competition Results for Friday, February 17th:

Today is 'Show Your Class Pride' Day!
Canned food drive: double points for peanut butter
Field Events per. 6 & 7 in the gym

Awarding of Pride Week 2017 Banner

Final Pride Week 2017 Scoreboard: 
Seniors - 181 pts. 
Juniors - 160 pts.
Sophomores - 121 pts.
Freshmen - 100 pts.

Scoring criteria for all events:
 1st place = 8 points
2nd place = 6 points
3rd place = 4 points
4th place = 2 points


See Pride Week 2017 photos from our CHS Photography Club!
Pride Week 2017 photos are now online!


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