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Chicopee, one of the oldest communities in Western Massachusetts, produces sporting goods, electronic components, machinery, plastics, packaging textiles, electrical equipment, chemicals, surgical products and more. Over 100 diversified industries are located in Chicopee, including the publication facilities of the Wall Street Journal.

Following the Indian Wars and during the Civil War, Chicopee was famed for its cavalry swords, sabers and bayonets, made by Ames Manufacturing Co. Troopers often talked of giving their enemies "Chicopee Steel," the equivalent of slashing him-fatally with an Ames saber.

Chicopee has been the home of Westover Air Force Base since 1940. At present it is the largest Air Force Reserve Base in the United States.

The Chicopee School District has 7800 students in pre K-12 educated in 1 Early childhood Center, 9 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, 2 High Schools and 1 Alternative School.

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