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Parent Advisory Council (PAC) General Information

14 days ago

Dr. Andrea Stolar - Director of Special Education

Stacy Moran - PAC Leader

Jennifer Fellows-Gardner - PAC Parent

What is PAC?

PAC or SEPAC stands for Special Education Parent Advisory Council 

Under state regulations every school district, private special education school and public charter school MUST have one. Some districts/schools are more active than others.

What does PAC Do?

The PAC in collaboration with the district must hold a Basic Rights workshop every school year. This is a workshop to inform parents about their rights under state and federal special education law.

PAC’s are also responsible to advise the district/school regarding concerns that parents have regarding problems with services, concerns about services and advise the district/school concerning changes in laws ,polices or budgets.

Many PACs (including Chicopee) offer workshops and speakers for parents, guardians, and others regarding topics related to raising children with special needs. These workshops are open to the public and provide parents/guardians the opportunity to connect with others.

Chicopee’s PAC provides workshops on various topics related to raising children with special needs. We strive to offer different topics for a range of ages.

What if my districts PAC is not active?

We welcome everyone including parents from other districts or private schools. The only restriction for non-Chicopee families is that you may not vote for election of officers.

Destruction of Special Education Records:

Parents, guardians, and former students are hereby notified that all special education records within the possession of the Chicopee Public Schools will be destroyed, pursuant to 603 CMR 23.06, five years from the date when the student is no longer eligible for special education, graduates, moves or transfers to another district or completes his/her educational program at age 22. Eligible students, parents or guardians may receive the student's special education records prior to the destruction date by submitting a written request to:

Director of Special Education Chicopee Public Schools 134 Dulong Cir. Chicopee, Ma 01022