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Employee Benefit Bulletin Board

Occasionally, the Chicopee Public Schools receives notice of certain benefits and opportunities such as discounts for employees. Those opportunities will now be posted here on the District website.

Criteria for posting materials on the Employee Benefit Bulletin Board

1. Organizations requesting posting must be offering a benefit to employees such as a discount, promotion, or similar opportunity.

2. The District retains the right to determine the date material is posted and removed.

3.The exact material may not contain any of the following:
  •  Material which is defamatory or vulgar.
  •  Anything that would cause substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the District or any of its schools or activities.
  •  Material that would violate any law or School Committee policy.

4. The District reserves the right to further limit the number of requests for posting.

5. Materials are posted for informational purposes only. This posting does not imply the District's support of them.

To submit a flyer for posting, email

Please note: This content is not sponsored by the Chicopee Public Schools, nor are these organizations
associated with the Chicopee Public Schools.

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