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Educator Evaluation Implementation Resources

4 months ago

Time Line


  1. Those who haven’t yet logged in will be taken to the log-in page. You need to log-in to get to the Teachpoint support page. Those who have already logged into Teachpoint will be taken directly to the Teachpoint support page.
  2. Once you are in the Teachpoint support page there are two ways to find the instructions you need. One is to type in the topic you are seeking in the search box at the top of the page. The other is to scroll down the page until you find the link to the instructions you need.  

Ribas Associates Website 

Educator Evaluation Rubrics and Contract Language

Teacher Evidence Collection Information

District Rubrics, Procedures and Support Materials

Teacher Evaluation Rubric  

Connection Document of Observable Behaviors
aligned with the 2010 edition of the book Instructional Practices That Maximize Student Achievement

Connection Document of Observable Behaviors aligned with the 2017 edition of the book Instructional Practices That Maximize Student Achievement

MA-Connection Doc Social Emotional Learning in your Classroom

Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Evaluation Rubric  

Unit A Educator Evaluation Contract Language and Procedures - This link contains the teacher and specialized instructional support contract language for the Unit A evaluation system. It answers all the procedural questions. For example, it talks about the number of observations, how to give a final overall rating, and the yearly timeline.

Unit B Evaluation

Community-Student Workforce Developer Evaluation Rubric 

Athletic Director Evaluation Rubric 

Evaluation Rubric for All other Unit B Members and for Principals 

Unit B Educator Evaluation Contract Language and Procedures 

Resource Guide for Administrator Evaluation

Paraprofessional Evaluation

Paraprofessional Evaluation Rubric

Paraprofessional Evaluation Procedures

Educator Plans
The Chicopee Public Schools have posted sample teacher plans in the links below.  In an effort to help you review these plans, you will see that each plan is named with what is contained in the plan. The sample teacher plans contain a Professional Practice SMART Goal and the Student Learning (performance) SMART Goal. The grade level and/or subject follows next in the name. Please note that these plans are from 2012 and are only here to show an exemplar of plan construction. Your plans should reflect goals that are relevant to the present year. 

Full PLAN ELA 345 comcoregoal 
Full plan Music pre K-2 comcoregoal 
Full PLAN Non ELA 345 evalgoal 
Full PLAN Non ELA all levels evalgoal 
Full Plan ELA 6-12 Student Learning with Common Core Goal
Full PLAN ELA 6-12 with New Eval Tool Goal
Full PLAN Non ELA All Levels Evaluation Goals 
TCHR PLAN MATH Prek-12    

42 Classroom Videos from the Massachusetts ESE
The Massachusetts ESE has created 42 short videos. These videos can be used by teachers and/or administrators in a variety of ways. Teachers may view them in groups and discuss them as they would peer observations. Administrators may use them in faculty meetings and PD with teachers to discuss teaching. Groups of administrators may use them for calibrating their teacher evaluation ratings.

Teacher training PowerPoint presentation  -TeachPoin

Outlook Email folder instructions


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