a year ago

By following the below instructions, you can allow a technician at telecom to access your PC or Mac (no Chromebooks or iPads at this time) while you continue working.

  • Please inform Telecom you are connecting to SimpleHelp either by phone or email.
  • CLICK the "Download" button at left
  • A page opens; click "Download Remote Support"
  • When download completes, open the file (click "Run" when asked to do so)
  • When the session window opens, follow instructions there. Leave the support window open while you work.

Mac User?

MAC USER? Follow the below for help with your Apple desktop.

- Click the "Download Live Support Tool" button & download the app

- “Support” icon appears on your desktop (or wherever you download from the internet to). Double-click it.

- A Support window opens. Double click “Remote Support”

- A Support Session window opens.