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Only authorized licensed software is allowed on Chicopee Public Schools computer systems.

Recently we have experienced difficulty with Spyware which is a virus type software that is acquired through downloads of screensavers, mail program enhancement products, wallpaper etc.

These Spyware programs run in the background recording and stealing information and data from your computer then sends it to the party who initiated the Spyware program. The information sent back can put the user at risk for identity theft, invasion of privacy (records keystroke activity including passwords, credit card numbers etc.), computer processor slowdown and unnecessary internet bandwidth usage.

The way to prevent a computer from becoming infected with Spyware is to refrain from downloading web based applications (wallpaper, screensavers, pop-up offers etc.) . The Telecommunications Department's policy is not to allow employees to download these types of programs on school department computers.

If you believe that a computer in your building or office is infected, kindly contact the Telecommunications Department. We will examine the computer, clean it out, if necessary, and take steps to prevent future infections.

Stop badware - Viruses and worms are no longer the biggest threat to computer users – now it's badware. Badware is a term we use to encompass the broad range of malicious software that is sneaking onto people's computers, including spyware and deceptive adware. It can subvert your computer for the benefit for a third party, frustrate you with unwanted advertising, and even steal your most personal information.

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