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March 23, 2016 PD Survey Results

Demystifying the NGSS/MA STE Standards for ALL Learners


March 11, 2016 PD Survey Results

March 11, 2016 PD Grid:

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March 11, 2016 PD Survey Results:

District Based Sessions:

Resource Mate Training (Part 2)

Evaluating the Scientific Process using the TechnoFair Rubric

Digging Deeper into Music for All Learners (GenEd/SPED/ELL)

Digging Deeper into Art for All Learners (GenEd/SPED/ELL)

Digging Deeper into PE for All Learners (GenEd/SPED/ELL)

Preparing English Language Learners to be 21st Century Learners

Understanding DPH Services for Children

Content Based Study and Research Methods for Gifted Students


Site-Based Sessions:

Szetela - Indicator 7

Barry - Mock PARCC Data Analysis: Grade Level Team Scoring to Identify Strengths/Weaknesses, Patterns to Drive Instruction for All Learners     (Grades 3-5)

Barry - Make & Take: Center Activities/Teacher Table Lessons that Skill Deficits According to Discovery Education (Grade K-2)

Barry - Beyond Lexia: Using Lexia Reports to Drive Instruction for Struggling Students 

Belcher - Writing - Best Practices for All Students

Bowe - PARCC Data Disaggregation / Projection and Wonders Assessment Review

Bowe - Wonders Assessment and Planning (Grade K-2)

Bowie - Understanding Academic Language to Improve Content Area Instruction for Ell's

FVMES - Explicit Writing Partnerships - Part 3 - The Art of the Writing Conference Grades 3-5 

FVMES - Behavior Intervention Strategies - Grades K-2

Lambert Lavoie - PARCC/MCAS Preparation

Litwin - District Curriculum Accommodation Plan and Accessibility Features for All Students

Stefanik - Writing Components of McGraw Hill: Wonders

Streiber - McGraw Hill

Streiber - Applied Behavior Analysis Concepts Review and Strategies (Part 2) with Melissa Desautels




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