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August 2015 Professional Development Feedback Survey Results

August 26-28, 2015 PD Grids:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 (8AM-3PM)

Thursday, August 27, 2015 (8AM-3PM)

Friday, August 28, 2015 (8AM-3PM)

Friday, August 28, 2015  (Unit E/Paras) (8AM-3PM)


August 26, 2015 PD Feedback Surveys       RESULTS

District-Based Sessions - Weds, Aug 26, 2015

DESE Transgender Training @ Bellamy

Schools Brains Training for All SECONDARY Staff, Secondary Administrators, PreK-12 Itinerant Staff @CCHS Auditorium from 12-1:30PM (and at individual sites until 3:00PM)

School Brains Training and Support for PreK-12 NURSES @CCHS Auditorium from 12-1:30PM and @Telecom Training Room from 1:30-3:00PM


Site-Based Sessions - Weds, Aug 26, 2015

Szetela - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Barry - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Belcher - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Bowe - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Bowie - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

FVMES - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Lambert Lavoie - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Litwin - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Stefanik - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues

Streiber - School Brains Training/Student Legal Issues


August 27, 2015 PD Feedback Surveys RESULTS

District-Based Sessions - Thurs, Aug 27, 2015

Applied Behavior Analysis Concepts Review - with Melissa Desautels

ABA Concepts Review: Discrete Trial Teachings - with Jennifer McNulty

FBA's, Pre-FBA's and BIP's - with Patricia Caron of River Valley Counseling

Motivational Strategies for the Special Education, ELL, and General Education Classroom - with Rick Lavoie of Rick Lavoie Associates

DDM's and De-escalation & Restraint Training/Students' Rights & Responsibilities and Overview of Anti-Bullying Law - with Neva Frumkin

Goals/Objectives and Current Performance - Part 1 and Part 2 - with Kim Dion and Andrea Cameron

Exploring Classroom and Performance Methods in Choral/Instrumental Music - at Westfield State University

Strategies for Design and Visual Arts - at Springfield Museums

Energy is Electrifying! - with Patty O'Donnell of the Hitchcock Center

Best Practices & Identification Methods for Gifted Students - with Aubrey Gomes

Teaching STEM with Technology - with Erica Blais

PE Curriculum Development - with Jon Endelos

PE, Health and Flash Curriculum Development - with Deborah Green

Final CutX (Video)

Lifeguard Certification - Day 1 - with Jim Mercer


Site-Based Sessions - Thurs, Aug 27, 2015

Szetela - Preschool Curriculum

Barry - Make and Take: Rigorous Center Activities in ELA

Belcher - Writing Workshop - Units of Study

Bowe - Grade Level Vocabulary Building & Implementation within the Instructional Block (Grades 1-5)

Bowe - MKEA (Project Gold) Preparation and Implementation

Bowie - Development of Grade Level Math Toolkits for ALL Learners

FVMES - Effective Strategies for Students with Anxiety-Related or Oppositional Behavior

Lambert Lavoie - Rigor within the Classroom (GenEd)

Litwin - Understanding the Effects of Poverty/Hunger and the Correlation to Learning in Elementary Students (EOS Breakfast in the Classroom Initiative)

Litwin - Utilizing Technology to Safely Secure Curriculum Information for ALL Students including Title I, Special Education, and ELL Students

Stefanik - Technology Usage to Enhance Instruction

Streiber - 7-10 Day Model with Refocus on Centers

Bellamy - 2015-16 Goals & Objectives

Bellamy - Grade Level Meetings

Dupont - Creating a Safe, Rigorous, and Academically Stimulating Classroom Environment

Dupont - Introduction to Restorative Justice in the Middle School

Academy - De-escalating/Behavioral Management Support

CCHS - DDM's: Review and Planning

CCHS - Student Engagement/School Focus

CCHS (CTE) - First Aid, CPR & AED Training

CHS - School Brains Professional Development and Implementation

CHS - DDM Implementation, Review and Next Steps


August 28, 2015 PD Feedback Surveys RESULTS

Unit E/Para Sessions - Fri, Aug 28, 2015

Bus Monitor Training - with Five Star Bus Company

Confidentiality, Communication and Media - with Rebecca L. Bouchard, Esq.

Applied Behavior Analysis Concepts Review (for Paras) - with Melissa Desautels

Motivation Breakthrough

Strategies in the Classroom - with William Ribas of Ribas and Associates

Examining Child Behavior Through Media ("Inside Out") - with Tama Lang and Darrell Johnson


District-Based Sessions - Fri, Aug 28, 2015

Language Assessment of Bilingual Children: Evidence and Implications - ASHA DVD

"Culturally Competent Evaluation of SLD with ELL's: Determining Differences vs Disorder" and "Test Item Modifications for ELLs: From Research to Practice" - NASP Videos

Practical Applications and Review of ASHA and NASP ELL/SPED Presentations

Sensory Integration: Evidence-Based Practice, Oral Motor Difficulties and Autism - with Melanie Salort of the Spiral Foundation

"Sensory and Behavior: Determining the Underlying Causes and Addressing Difficult Behaviors Appropriately" and "Self-Injurious Behaviors: What Causes SIB's and How Can We Address Them from a Sensory Perspective" - Sensational Brain Webinars

Assistive Technologies - Perkins e-Learning Videos

Student Assessment Data Collection - Perkins e-Learning Videos

Directing Motion - Moving the Camera - Vincent Laforet Video

Lifeguard Certification - Day 2 - with Jim Mercer


Site-Based Sessions - Fri, Aug 28, 2015

Szetela - Restraint Training

Barry - Make and Take: Differentiating Instructional Lessons that Engage and Drive Success for Struggling Learners

Belcher - Writing in the Common Core For ALL Learners

Bowe - Whole Brain Teaching Implementation & Review/Best Practices for GenEd, SPED, and ELL

Bowie - Development of Grade-Level ELA Toolkits/Resources for ALL Learners

FVMES - Implement an Explicit Writing Block

Lambert Lavoie - Rigor within the Classroom (GenEd and Special Education)

Litwin - Units of Study in Opinion, Information and Narrative Writing for Special Education, 504 & ELL Students

Stefanik - Enhancing Writing to Meet the Diverse Needs of ALL Learners

Streiber - Clear Expectations and Accountability for ALL Students

Bellamy - Use of Instructional Technology to Increase Community Involvement of ALL Parents (specifically Students of ELL, 504, and/or IEP)

Bellamy - Tiered Instruction in a 60-Minute Block within ALL Content Areas

Dupont - Epson Board Training to Enhance Instruction for ELL, SPED, and GenEd Students

Academy - School Brains Training & Applications for ALL Learners

Academy - Team Building: Influencing ALL Learners the Chicopee Academy Way

CCHS - Google Education

CHS - Using Open Response Questions to Increase MCAS Scores for All Learners (SPED, ELL, and GenEd)

CHS - Development of Content-Specific Open Response Questions for Use with All Learners (SPED, ELL, and GenEd)


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