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APPLE iPad CART - Guidelines

Now that all of the carts have been distributed to the schools Administrators should be monitoring that these guidelines are being followed.

  • The distributed iPad carts are intended for student use.
  • ALL cart iPad’s should have Kahn Academy loaded if not please load with Apple Configurator.
  • ALL cart iPad’s are to be returned to the cart daily.
  • NO cart iPad’s should be set up as personal teacher devices.
  • All cart iPad’s are to be set up with District identification.
  • A sign out system is recommended so if systems are reset or missing the responsible parties can be identified.
  • We will be making unannounced visits to the schools to see how the iPad's are being used with students in the classrooms.
  • Also plan for the next State of the Schools to present how the iPad’s are being used with students in the classrooms.

Additional iPad’s can be purchased with building funds for teacher distribution.

  • These iPad’s also need to be run through configurator for initial set up with a different configuration. Contact Ryan Rivet for assistance in setting up this configuration.
  • Any iPad’s that need repairs should be brought to Telecom.
  • Recommendations can be made to download free App’s or Volume purchase Apps to the cart manager.
  • Teachers should not be brining iPad’s to the Apple store to be reset. This is not to be allowed.

If you have any questions contact Telecom.Use other than designated by the District iPad Project is not allowed for cart and tray configurations.Many hours were spent setting up these iPad’s and these rules are to be followed.

TEL: 413-594-3487, FAX: 413-594-3442


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