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Samuel Karlin


Dear Families,

Welcome back to School! I hope you and your family had a restful holiday vacation. Now that school is back in session I have a few reminders for our families. Cold weather is here. Please make sure to dress your child in layers. Some rooms are hot and some rooms are cold. We will be participating in recess if the weather is 20 degrees or warmer. Please do not ask your child’s teacher to keep your child inside. If a child is well enough to attend school the child should participate in recess, unless a doctor’s note is provided.

Be aware that there is the possibility of delays when there is bad weather. The most common delay is a two hour delay. The bus will arrive approximately two hours later than usual. If your child gets picked up at 8:05 then expect the bus to be there by 10:05. Please be aware that driving is slower in snowy conditions. 

School does not officially start until 10:30 when there is a two hour delay. We will be able to accommodate students by 10:00AM. Unfortunately, you cannot drop off students any earlier. Our maintenance staff needs time to clear the snow and our staff needs time to get here safely. Please make plans now for dealing with a two hour delay. Remember on days when there is a delay there is NO breakfast served! 

Parents will be notified of a delay via the school’s automated calling system. This system only works as well as the phone number you have provided the school. If your phone number changes, please make sure to notify the school so we can make the corrections in our computers. You can also check delays and closing via your local news, as well as the CPS website.

Welcome back!


Sam Karlin, Principal

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We are looking for crossing guards. If people are interested they can call me directly at the school, 413.594.3526.

TEL: 413-594-3526, FAX: 413-594-3469

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