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National School Nurse Day

May 7, 2014


School Nurses have served a critical role in improving public health and in ensuring student’s academic success for more than 100 years! As the Nursing Supervisor I would like to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of school nurses here in Chicopee as well and their efforts of meeting the needs of today’s students by improving the delivery of health care in our schools. School nurses contribute to our local community by helping students and staff to stay healthy, in school, and ready to learn! Chicopee is very fortunate to have professional, dedicated, school nurses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them not only on School Nurse Day but every day!



"You cannot educate an unhealthy child and you cannot keep an uneducated child healthy." -Dr. M. Jocelyn Elders, former US Surgeon General. 

Health care services are provided by Registered Nurses in each of our 15 schools.  Our mission is to work with students, families, schools and the community to provide excellent care, promote optimal health, wellness and academic success for all students in the Chicopee Public School District.


Chicopee Nursing Supervisor 
Karen Turmel RN BSN MEd
Tel. 413-594-3471 FAX: 413-594-3500



Optimal learning requires good emotional and physical health. Chicopee Public Schools Health Services works together with families and the community for children’s health. The School Nurse at each school works with the school administrator to provide an environment that promotes optimal wellness and safety for all students. The school nurse provides individualized quality health care for students, emphasizes health education at all levels and utilizes available community and school resources to promote an overall healthy lifestyle for students, staff and families.

Health Services involve:

  • conducting health screenings
  • providing specialized health care and services
  • assessing and evaluating individual growth and development
  • monitoring of students immunizations
  • acting as a resource for faculty, parents and students
  • providing individual health counseling to service emotional and physical health needs
  • identifying and referring possible pediatric and adolescent health problems for early diagnosis and treatment
  • evaluating and monitoring communicable diseases
  • acting as special education team member for children with special needs.
  • serving as a liaison with parents and community health agencies
  • providing educational and promotional activities for healthy lifestyles of our students and staff. 





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TEL: 413-594-3437, FAX: 413-594-3500

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